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Patient Testimonials

I came to Nick after a few months of seeing NHS physiotherapist and getting limited progress. I thought I had a knee problem, Nick soon said it was my back. At the time walking was uncomfortable, driving painful, after a few months seeing him once every 2 weeks and following his programme at home, Nick set me the goal of doing Parkrun walking or jogging or even running. I did that run in 33 minutes, now a year and a bit later I have done 45 parkruns across the country with a personal best of 21 minutes plus I have lost a stone. I would strongly recommend Nick, it could change your life! Alistair, Sheffield

Can’t recommend Nick at Steel City enough. After problems with my back over a long period of time and unsuccessful treatment elsewhere - I was desperate for help! He has completely turned things around for me and for the first time in a long time I’m pain free. Really helped me gain the control to help myself with his advice, treatment and exercises. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him! Joanne, Sheffield

Nick has a good range of knowledge and experience and does his best to keep you active whilst rehabilitating. Highly recommended. Gareth, Spinkhill

I saw Nick after damaging my foot during an ultra marathon. When I saw him, he treated the injury properly - concentrating on the calf which was part of the foot problem. His magic worked as I completed a 24 hour race this weekend with no injury problems at all. I've also previously used him for a sports massage when my legs were needing some assistance when training miles kicked in. Highly recommended. Dave, Killamarsh

Fantastic experience and very accommodating regarding appointments. Very patient and really helped me get better. Helen, Sheffield

Thank you Nick, the Physio I received from you along with advice and guidance has enabled me to get back running today and looking forward to my next race. Karen,     St Helens

Nick has treated me for various issues including back, knee, foot and elbow injuries sustained whilst climbing and mountain biking. He is extremely professional, great value and provides excellent service. In the case of a foot injury his advice and physio work proved more useful than that of a number of consultants I had seen previously who had a much more bleak outlook and were discussing surgery etc, Nick fixed it in a couple of sessions. Further more, he is very encouraging of at home work including stretching and posture adjustment, meaning that for many issues only a few sessions are needed to get you back on track.  Russell, Sheffield

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